Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Anna's First day From........ H*ll

Anna's First Day - Moonlit Sanctuary

Ok, Having gone to bed at 5 this morning, and the bl**dy workers starting work on the house next door at 6.45 it wasn’t the best night’s sleep we’d had, Anna luckily slept through it all and was unconscientious until Moo went and got into bed with her about 12 o clock (mid-day), think it was her way of waking Anna as the kids were fed up of being too quiet. After a cooked brunch we got ready and set off down Mornington Main Street so she could see our closest Town, then a drive down the esplanade to Mount Martha and our official local village, she was told not to blink or she would miss it, apparently Brighouse is much bigger.

We arrived having forgot it was school hols and it might be packed and it was, which is great as all the money goes back into the Sanctuary but not great having to share the animals with others, especially when you want to show how good it can be.

Here are some pics of us all again at Moon-Lit Sanctuary, the blonde not looking at the camera is Anna, who as shattered, really shattered, but after Manchester, Dubai, Singapore then Melbourne what can we expect.

Humm, think he might like me

We got back to the house about 4.30, Anna ate straight away just a frozen veg stir fry with rice as she was hungry, think it was her body craving food having been fed every 3 hours while on the flight, the rest of us just had left over’s, at 6.30 we woke Anna up who had just gone upstairs to get something and had just happened to fall asleep on the bed, well rest her eyes were her words. I insisted that she stay awake until at least 8 and she would thank me, although she may not feel like it now. We had a chat with my mum and dad, a few wines and went to bed later than I think Anna thought she would stay awake too, she broke the pain barrier and came round and became a human being . Even Moo said that she thought I should let Anna go to bed and that I was mean, Anna WILL thank me tomorrow morning when she wakes up at a reasonable time.

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